The Well Correlation Panel (WCP) plugin is used to pick and QC well markers and to correlate these from well-to-well. Markers can be picked in an interactive viewer with, or without seismic data to guide the correlations. Seismic data can either be a 2D line, or a random track from a 3D volume.

Optionally, WCP can be combined with the HorizonCube plugin. A HorizonCube slider in WCP then allows detailed seismic correlations to be performed.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.


WCP supports the following features:

  • Interactive picking, QC-ing and re-picking of well markers in Time or Depth
  • Visualization of 2D correlation panels with logs, markers and stratigraphy
  • Same as above with backdrop of seismic data (2D, or 3D random track), horizons and faults
  • HorizonCube overlay and HorizonCube slider (requires HorizonCube plugin)
  • Integrated seismic-well-tie module.