SynthRock is a forward seismic modeling- and probabilistic inversion package for qualitative- and quantitative seismic data analysis. It supports pre- and post-stack synthetic seismic modeling of wedges, cross-sections, 3D models, and stochastic models (pseudo-wells). Synthetics of stochastic models can be cross-matched against real seismic volumes to predict rock property volumes with uncertainties (HitCube trace-matching inversion). Alternatively, synthetics of stochastic models and model parameters can be used to create training sets for Machine Learning prediction of rock properties of interest.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.


SynthRock supports the following features:

  • Modeling based on a user-defined, hierarchical framework that integrates stratigraphy, lithology and rock-physics
  • Integrated rock-physics library and Gassmann Fluid Substitution
  • Zoeppritz-based forward synthetic seismogram generator to create pre- and post-stack seismic products, optionally with mode conversions (PP, PS) and multiples
  • Profile Module for building synthetic seismic cross-sections and simple wedge models for sensitivity testing
  • Volume Module for modeling pre-stack gathers at any seismic location and/or to build 3D synthetic cubes
  • Stochastic Module for building catalogs of stochastically varied pseudo-wells (1D models without a spatial position)
  • Pre- and post-stack HitCube trace-matching inversion from 2D, or 3D seismic inputs to predict rock properties with uncertainties. In pre-stack mode up to 5 input volumes can be matched simultaneously
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