Receive Training

Besides having an extensive online collection of documentation, tutorials and in-depth webinars, we also provide training in any way you need. We can provide on-site guidance or create online sessions with our specialists on a topic of your choosing.


Overview of Possibilies

Standard we supply many online resources: tutorials,Training Manual, videos

We offer consultancy services and training courses either on-site, or at our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands and Houston, Texas.

In 1-day, 3-days or 5-days training courses participants can be trained in all aspects of OpendTect. The focus in all courses is on learning how-to use the software. The 1-day training course covers basic interaction and seismic interpretation in OpendTect, the open source part of the system. Multi-day training courses also cover workflows in commercial parts of the system. These courses can be tuned to the client’s needs and are often combined with consultancy services in which lessons learned are applied to proprietary data sets.