The Velocity Model Buiding plugin (VMB) is used for picking NMO, RMO, Anisotropy parameters (eta, epsilon and delta) and pre-stack events from migrated pre-stack gathers. The picked events can be gridded in OpendTect’s volume builder for further use in OpendTect (re-stack, angle stacks, AVA, …), or for passing on to an external software system (PSDM, Tomography).

VMB is designed to support multiple PSDM systems. All structures needed to interface a PSDM system to OpendTect's VMB plugin are released in the Open Source domain.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.


VMB supports the following features:

  • Vertical Update Module for picking NMO, RMO, Pre-stack events, eta, epsilon and beta
  • Horizon Consistent Update Module for picking NMO and RMO.