Surface Segments are used to provide an understanding of the data quality and event continuity prior to starting the horizon interpretation process. Z-Slices of the Surface Segments attributes convey which horizons can be easily auto-tracked and which cannot. They also provide views to the stratigraphic relationships between events that are not as easy to unravel from conventional displays. When used with partial offset (angle) stacks and color blending, the unique color of each event provides clear guidance in spatial variations in rock properties and correlating across post-depositional faults. These color blends also can indicate which events might contain hydrocarbon caused AVO anomalies that merit further study.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.


The following are a set of features and uses for the Surface Segments attribute volumes:

  • Use with partial stack volumes and color blending allows qualitative use of amplitude versus offset (angle) to aid interpretation and anomaly identification
  • Use with partial azimuth stack volumes and color blending allows for qualitative identification of the amount and direction of anisotropy variations
  • Display map segments of horizons prior to performing interpretation
  • Six different event types can be calculated: Peak, Trough, Local Peak, Local Trough, +/- and -/+ zero crossings
  • Represent event locations with: Amplitude, Sample Number or a constant value for the Event Type Constant
  • Multiple controls on how the events are spread to vertically adjacent samples
  • Option to utilize Sicking interpolation to resample data to obtain event locations and horizon amplitude values with higher accuracy
  • Option to apply a first difference or gapped first difference filter prior to searching for the desired event type
  • Two color tables are provided for optimal display of Surface Segments which use the vertical Sample # to represent event locations
  • Some videos higlighting the use and functionality of the plugin:

    Parihaka-3D seismic time slices

    Trough Surface Segments AVO Color Blend - Parihaka 3D

    Trough Time Surface Segments - Parihaka 3D

    Trough Amplitude Surface Segments - Parihaka 3D

    Trough Surface Segments Comparison - Parihaka 3D

Dragbar Surface Segments plugin

Dragbar Surface Segments plugin