This toolkit facilitates the interpretation of faults and fractures from 2D and 3D seismic data. It supports edge-preserving smoothing filters to enhance data; attributes to image faults and fractures and tools to automatically extract fault planes. Faults & Fractures can be run as standalone plugin in OpendTect Pro but the recommended way is to combine this plugin with the Dip Steering plugin. Apart from offering additional attributes, the combination also enables dip-steered filters to be applied before computing Thinned Fault Likelihood (TFL) attribute leading to superior fault images.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.


Among others Faults & Fractures offers the following features:

  • Thinned Fault Likelihood (TFL) attribute for razor-sharp fault images
  • Basement Fractures attribute for imaging steeply dipping reflections
  • Fracture density and fracture proximity attributes
  • Edge-preserving smoothing filter for extremely smoothed seismic data with perfectly preserved edges
  • Automatic extraction of fault planes.
  • In combination with Dip Steering the Faults & Fractures toolkit additionally supports:

    • Family of dip- and azimuth attributes
    • Dip-Steered Similarity attribute
    • Suite of volume curvature attributes
    • Dip-Steered smoothing filters.
Dragbar Faults & Fractures plugin

"I am overwhelmed with the results from F&F plugin."
--SBR Naik, Ex ONGC, Mumbai, India