Predicting rock properties from seismic data is one of the pillars of dGB. In 1995 we started out as a QI (Quantitative Interpretation) specialist company offering unique work flows based on stochastic forward modeling of pseudo-wells and non-linear (neural network-based) predictions. Since then we have broadened our services portfolio considerably, but our passion for QI projects remains. We offer rock-physics analysis, AvO attribute analysis, forward modeling of synthetic data, seismic inversion products, rock-property predictions and integrated interpretation services.

OpendTect Inversion & Rock Physics Bundle is the main toolkit we use in these projects. This bundle provides a wide range of tools for innovative QI work. A unique work flow is the HitCube inversion approach supported in SynthRock. In this work flow a stochastic simulator generates thousands of 1D models (pseudo-wells). In a HitCube run the synthetics of these pseudo-wells are cross-matched against the real seismic data. This results in 3D probability (expectation & standard deviation) volumes of rock-properties of interest.

Understanding geology is the key to drilling successful wells. This means that one needs to gain understanding in the 3D distribution of lithologies, rock properties and fluid fill in the subsurface. Predicting these distributions from 3D seismic data with control points at well locations is the current industry standard. At dGB we take reservoir prediction a step further by looking beyond the numbers and use geological models to improve our prediction. Also, with the use of neural networks, we avoid using oversimplified linear models which can not accurately describe most rock property relations.

Overview of reservoir characterization services:

Well Modeling Products

  • Log-log predictions
  • Lithology clustering
  • Pattern analysis (Markov chain)
  • Sensitivity modeling
  • Stochastic pseudo-well modeling
  • AVO analysis, rock physics.

Inversion Products

  • HitCube
  • Seismic Spectral Blueing
  • Clustered/classified seismic
  • (Extended Elastic) Impedance inversion
  • HorizonCube-based geo-models
  • HorizonCube-based low frequency models
  • Rock properties prediction.

Additional Services

  • Full 3D calibration to well data (amplitude and depth mapping)
  • 4D time-lapse studies (monitoring of saturation changes).