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Our highly responsive support team of experienced geoscientists and engineers operating from offices in Asia, Europe and America, is directly available for OpendTect Pro users.

OpendTect Pro users are therefore, advised to report issues and to seek technical advice by contacting dGB directly by phone, or email. In addition to solving technical issues our experts can be hired in to help users on-site, or remotely, with interpretations, processing and training.

Open source users are advised to seek support through the OpendTect user groups on social media.

If you need support, please reach out to our active online communities. Priority support is available for our commercial users. You can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.



User Documentation 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
Plugins Documentation 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
Training Manual 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
How-To Instructions 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
Administrators Manual 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
Programmer's Manual 6.6 HTML | 6.6 PDF
Class Documentation
System Requirements
Machine Learning Knowledge Base
ARK CLS Documentation


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