A number of open-source plugins that are developed and supported by 3rd party software developers are nowadays released with OpendTect. The following plugins are released free-of-charge:


a wavelet shaping utility by P├ęter Zahuczki to for spectral bluing, whitening and colored inversion.


a suite of opensource plugins by Wayne Mogg that extend OpendTect, including:

  • AVOAttrib calculates 6 attributes based on different parameterizations of reflection intercept and gradient
  • AVOPolarAttrib calculates 6 attributes derived from AVO Polarization in the AVO Intercept-Gradient crossplot
  • EFDAttrib spectral (time-frequency) decomposition using empirical fourier decomposition
  • ExternalAttrib allows attributes to be developed in a scripting language like Python, includes example Python scripts for:
  • GeopackageExport exports OpendTect data to a GeoPackage database
  • GeotiffExport exports OpendTect 3D horizon and attribute dataor z slices to a GeoTIFF image
  • GradientAttrib calculates inline, crossline and time/depth gradients
  • Grid 2D-3D horizon creates a 3D horizon/grid from the 2D and 3D horizon interpretation in an OpendTect survey/project
  • LocalAttrib supports spectral (time-frequency) decomposition using local attributes
  • MLVFilterAttrib applies a structure preserving Mean of Least Variance filter
  • Mistie allows creation, editing and application of a file with Z shift, phase rotations and amplitude scaling corrections for 2D and 3D seismic in an OpendTect survey/project
  • RSpecAttrib performs spectral (time-frequency) decomposition using a recursive filter
  • WMTools provides various tools to enhance OpendTect