I'm not able to run OpendTect on my remote client with Windows Remote Desktop

Due to lack of support for OpenGL on Windows Remote Desktop for certain graphic cards OpendTect can not run, more information and a work around for NVidia GeForce cards can be read below:

When connecting to a remote Windows machine using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), OpendTect software may sometimes not start due to lack of support for OpenGL. Nvidia has released a utility that circumvents this problem. This particular solution only works when the remote machine is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce card.

The utility can be downloaded via the link: developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-opengl-rdp (note: you need a Nvidia account)

Nvidia: “Game developers and content creators all over the world are working from home and asking us to help them use Windows Remote Desktop streaming with the tools they use. We've created a special tool for GeForce GPUs to accelerate Windows Remote Desktop streaming with GeForce drivers R440 or later.”

Background information on the issue can be found here: