What are the requirements for installation?

Go to the OpendTect System Requirements page. Please do note the requirement of a good graphics card and (very) recent drivers! Though we do support other graphics cards, we have found that NVIDIA gives the most consistent performance.

I am confronted by an error message when trying to install OpendTect on my Mac, telling me that “OpendTect Installer is damaged and can’t be opened”. Is this true, why does this happen and how do I get round this?

It is not true This happens because Apple has a default setting that only permits apps from the Apple store. The way to change this and successfully install OpendTect is to do the following:

  • Click on the 'Apple' button (top left), go to:
  • System Preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • General Tab
  • Allow apps to be installed from anywhere, (may ask for login)
  • Then run the installer. Once finished, change the security back (if you wish).
How to install a evaluation/demo license?

Go to Utilities > Installation > Licenses > Install demo/node-locked license… and use the following window to specify the path(s) to the node-locked (demo/evaluation) license file(s) that were given to you:
For more information, please see this section of the OpendTect User Documentation.

I decoupled the tree from the scene and now it has disappeared from the monitor. How do I retrieve it?

A common issue with certain Linux distributions is this: decoupling the tree causes tree to disappear when using, for example, the attribute engine or when the progress bar is showing. To resolve this, please do the following:

  • Go to the KDE Start button
  • Applications
  • Configure desktop
  • Under 'Workspace Appearance and Behavior' click on 'Window Behavior'. You should see this window:
  • Make sure the option 'Hide utility windows for inactive applications' is not checked
  • Click on Apply button.