What does the Dip/Steering plugin do?

It allows you to create and filter Dip/Steering data. Dip Steering is the process of using pre-calculated directions in the seimic data to enhance all sorts of calculations and processes.

Calculation is simply too slow. What can I do?

Use more machines, or a faster algorithm. Calculating a Steering cube can be a slow process, especially when you want a lot of detail. Therefore, you may want to use more computers to do the work, either automated (Multi-Machine processing), or ‘manual’. The latter means cutting up the work in ranges of inlines, and later merging the output (sub-)cubes. Another possibility is to settle for less precision. Very often the precision you think you need is not really required. A fast algorithm with a good filter afterwards may be just as useful.

Should I use ‘Central’ or ‘Full’ Steering?

Almost certainly, ‘Full’. ‘Central’ is available in the system for very special academic purposes. In practice, it’s not very useful. For more information please take a look at the following resources: