I don’t think these ‘Attributes’ are what I call ‘Attributes’. What are they?

Recipes to create output. Rather than ‘properties of seismic data’, our algorithms can combine any number of seismic input data sources at various positions into new data. Rather than specifying where to calculate, you specify how to calculate. Conceptually, you can see this as being at a certain sample position somewhere in the survey, and then you need to specify what needs to be done to make output at that position. That can involve using data from different sources, other positions, using various algorithms. In the attribute editor, you specify the parameters for these recipes. See the following resources for further help:

I just want to make Coherency. Where is it?

Use ‘Similarity’. Although we think software patents are absurd, illegal(!) and very damaging to any progress, we still have to live with reality. There is a patent claim on Coherency. Rather than risking legal action, we avoid the problem by not using any cross-correlation but hyperspace distance. An advantage is that hyperspace distance is sensitive to absolute amplitude changes, which cross-correlation is not. See the following resources for further help: