The recording of our recent webinar featuring Wayne Mogg, an esteemed OpendTect power user and programming expert and our Chief Technology Officer Arnaud Huck, is now available for viewing!

Here's what you'll discover in the recording:

  • An introduction to the OpendTect ODBind Python module
  • Practical demonstrations of seismic attribute calculation with code examples
  • Application of the module within a Jupyter Lab session launched from the OpendTect UI
  • Insights into working with 3D seismic data and visualizing results with XArray Datasets
  • Step-by-step guidance on calculating instantaneous attributes and saving results back to OpendTect survey

Whether you're new to OpendTect or a seasoned user looking to enhance your skills, this recording is packed with valuable information to help you leverage the ODBind module effectively for seismic data analysis.

You can now watch the recording