We're excited to unveil the latest update to our robust OpendTect software, version 7.0. Continuously evolving with enhanced features and functionalities, this release packs a punch with several noteworthy additions:

  • 📊 Support for comma-separated ASCII files in import dialogs
  • 🔍 Pre-loading capability for 2D and 3D seismic datasets not in the survey Z domain
  • 🐍 Integration of support for 2D seismic into the odbind Python module
  • 🛠️ Streamlined API consolidation for Horizon3D, Seismic2D, and Seismic3D within the odbind Python module
  • ⚡️ Introduction of a replacement velocity selection option for values above 'Top Depth' for both stochastic and profile simulation types

For a detailed breakdown of all updates and guidance on how to access and install OpendTect 7.0.4, head over to our website dgbes.com and visit our download page!