Just a few months back, we embarked on a mission with a focused funding campaign for a new, innovative feature in OpendTect. Thanks to the incredible support and pledges from our community, we're inspired to broaden our horizons. We're now transitioning to a more inclusive campaign, inviting everyone to contribute. Your donations are pivotal in driving the continuous expansion of OpendTect, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge tool in geosciences across both academic and corporate realms.

Why Contribute?

  • Innovation: Help us introduce groundbreaking features that push the boundaries of geoscience research and application.
  • Accessibility: Support our commitment to keeping OpendTect free and open-source, accessible to students, educators, and professionals worldwide.
  • Community: Be part of a thriving community dedicated to advancing geoscience, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaboration.

Every contribution, big or small, propels us forward. Together, we can sustain OpendTect's legacy as a frontrunner in geoscience technology, empowering users in companies and universities around the globe.

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