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OpendTect software consists of two parts: a free, open-source part and a commercial, closed-source part that is protected by FlexNet license managing software.

The open-source part is OpendTect, a seismic interpretation software system for 2D and 3D seismic data, and for fast-track development of innovative interpretation tools. OpendTect can be extended with free plugins.

The closed source part is OpendTect Pro, an extended version with extra functionality for professionals. OpendTect Pro can be further extended with commercial plugins that enable unique seismic interpretation workflows.

For more information about all the functionality available in OpendTect, please have a look at our supported functionality table.



OpendTect software is released under a triple licensing scheme. The free part (OpendTect and the free plugins) is released under an open-source license agreement: GNU GPLv3 or higher.

The commercial software (OpendTect Pro and the commercial plugins) is released under the Pro License Agreement and under an Academic License Agreement (Universities only: how to apply).

OpendTect Pro and all commercial plugins are protected by FlexNet license managing software (see below). License keys for OpendTect Pro are always time-limited to the duration of a subscription -, or maintenance period. Commercial plugins can either be perpetual (subject to a license fee and annual maintenance fee), or temporary (per month or per year. The Geoscience Bundle, a bundle of OpendTect Pro and numerous plugins by dGB can also be rented per day).

For short-term node-locked license subscriptions, please visit the Pro Store. License keys will be issued within one working day. For long term subscriptions, network licenses or perpetual licenses with maintenance, please contact dGB at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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