Faults & Fractures

This toolkit facilitates the interpretation of faults and fractures from 2D and 3D seismic data. It supports edge-preserving smoothing filters to enhance data; attributes to image faults and fractures and tools to automatically extract fault planes. Faults & Fractures can be run as standalone plugin in OpendTect Pro but the recommended way is to combine this plugin with the Dip-Steering plugin. Apart from offering additional attributes, the combination also enables dip-steered filters to be applied before computing Thinned Fault Likelihood (TFL) attribute leading to superior fault images.

"I am overwhelmed with the results from F&F plugin."
SBR Naik, Ex ONGC, Mumbai, India

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.



Among others Faults & Fractures offers the following features:

  • Thinned Fault Likelihood (TFL) attribute for razor-sharp fault images
  • Basement Fractures attribute for imaging steeply dipping reflections
  • Fracture density and fracture proximity attributes
  • Edge-preserving smoothing filter for extremely smoothed seismic data with perfectly preserved edges
  • Automatic extraction of fault planes.

In combination with Dip-Steering the Faults & Fractures toolkit additionally supports:

  • Family of dip- and azimuth attributes
  • Dip-Steered Similarity attribute
  • Suite of volume curvature attributes
  • Dip-Steered smoothing filters.

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