OpendTect Training in Houston

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OpendTect Introduction and Plugin Training are Back in Houston!

We give 1-day OpendTect introduction courses.

During the introduction course, you will learn:

  • Basic concepts of OpendTect, visualization and manipulation
  • Setting up a survey from scratch
  • The attribute editor and on-the-fly testing of parameters
  • Mapping horizons and faults, in 2D and 3D
  • Writing attribute volumes, visualization
  • The cross-plot capabilities in OpendTect
  • OpendTect Pro's new features like Basemap and Thalweg tracker

The price of the introductory course is only $600 per seat. Academia qualify for a 50% discount.

On request we add additional days of Advanced Plugin training.


Every second Tuesday of the month, starting February 14, 2017.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST.


1 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Suite 935
Sugar Land, TX 77478, Houston, USA

We suggest that participants bring their own laptops to the course. Please check system and hardware requirements here

Training Classes

dGB offers regular regular training courses for OpendTect at their office in Houston, as well as through dGB’s agents in Calgary and Buenos Aires. For OpendTect users there are three types of training classes available, each with different objectives and experience levels. All classes are instructed by skilled OpendTect specialists working for dGB or its partners. Next to the regular classes, it is possible request a customized class tailored to a specific objective(s). For software developers, dGB provides a developers’ course. Below are descriptions of the courses offered:

Introduction in OpendTect

This training covers the open source software, OpendTect, and assumes no prior experience in operating OpendTect. After the class, the participant will be able to interact with the OpendTect visual environment, will be familiar with all basic functionality, and independently perform basic workflows. On request, an extended two-day version is available, or the class can be combined with additional days of Plugin Training or Advanced Training.

Details Introduction Training



  • Introduction and overview of OpendTect (presentation)
  • Project Setup and Data Loading (seismics, horizons, wells)
  • Overview and Basic Interactions (display, colorbar)
  • Basics of the Seismic Attribute Engine, Processing Attribute Volumes
  • Spectral Decomposition and Red-Green-Blue Color Blending.


  • Introduction to features in OpendTect Pro
  • Cross-plotting
  • Horizon Tracking
  • Fault Interpretation
  • Forward Modeling and Creating a Seismic to Synthetic Tie
  • Creating Simple (Velocity) Models and Time to Depth Conversion.


  • An Overview of Extended Capabilities using Plugins to OpendTect
  • Discussion, Questions and Answers.

Price And Location

  • USD $600,-
  • 1 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Suite 935
  • 77478 Sugar Land, TX USA
  • +1 281 240 3939
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
dGB USA office location

Bringing your own data and laptop is encouraged, but notify us in advance. A second day extension of the basic training covering more subjects can be arranged on request.

Plugin Training

This class focuses on the dGB Plugins and select third party Plugins. The class assumes no prior knowledge or experience with the plugins taught. After the training, the participants will be familiar with the concepts behind the plugin(s) and able to independently perform the plugins pertinent workflows. Training classes can vary from single day classes, focusing on one or two plugins, or multi-day classes focusing on three or more plugins. Typically training classes are at least one day, and the training can be extended with additional days on request. Generally, it will take about half a day to train for a single plugin and training can be customized on the participant’s request.

Details Plugin Training

Currently training for the following Plugins or combinations of Plugins is available:

  • HorizonCube (Horizon Cube and Dip-Steering) (One day)
  • Sequence Stratigraphy (Horizon Cube, SSIS and Well Correlation Panel) (Two days)
  • Dip Steering (1/2 day)
  • Neural Networks (1/2 day)
  • Common Contour Binning (1/2 day)
  • Velocity Model Building (1/2 day)
  • Seismic Spectral Blueing and Spectral Colored Inversion (1/2 day).

Bringing your own data and laptop is encouraged, but notify us in advance. Not all plugins are covered by our scheduled training. However, the scheduled plugin training can be extended with additional plugins on the participant’s request. Also, ad hoc training for any combination of plugins can be organized on request.


The cost of the Plugin training is $1000 per day. For OpendTect users with an Academic license, a 50% discount is applied.

Advanced Training

This training is geared towards experienced users that would like to explore advanced workflows in both OpendTect and OpendTect Plugins. The course assumes familiarity with OpendTect and is geared toward deepening the user’s ability to use the power of OpendTect. The program is flexible and will be geared towards the participant’s specific interest.

Details Advanced Training

The advanced training is fast paced one day training session aimed at users with prior OpendTect experience and a fairly good proficiency. For less experienced users who want to attend this training, it is advised to attend the "Introduction to OpendTect" course first.

The training aims to introduce the participant to more advanced workflows within OpendTect and OpendTect Plugins, as well to introduce the participants to some lesser known, but powerful options available in OpendTect. Specific attention will also be given to details such as quality control and parameter testing. The training will be a mix of presentations, covering the fundamentals of the applied workflows, and hands-on exercises, followed by interactive discussion and Q&A.

After the training, the participant will have a better insight into some of the more powerful and advanced workflows in OpendTect. The participant will be able to adjust these workflows to apply to his/her own datasets and generalize or recombine (steps) of the workflows to design new workflows.


The training is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The agenda in the morning session is set (see below), and the agenda of the afternoon session will be determined by polling the training participants for their main interests.

Morning session

  • Applications of the mathematics attribute: building complex attributes using mathematics and logical expressions
  • Dip steering: use of filtering, scaling effects, and the curvature application
  • Considerations for Neural Network training
  • Improving seismic data quality: using the Dip-Steered Median Filter, Fault Enhancement Filter and Seismic Spectral Blueing.

Afternoon session

  • Determined from a broad selection of possible subjects by polling the participants.

Bringing your own data and laptop is encouraged, but notify us in advance.


The cost of the Advanced training is $1000. For OpendTect users with an Academic license, a 50% discount is applied.

Plugin Development Training

OpendTect allows software developers to write their own plugins to OpendTect. This class will familiarize the developer with the process of creating an OpendTect Plugin. The class is flexible and tailored to the specific client's needs. It is required for the participants need to have programming skills (C++).

Details Development Training

The day will be spent on a curriculum that seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Understanding of OpendTect's structure and code organization
  • Understanding of OpendTect's plugin structure
  • Ability to create customized plugins that compute seismic attributes
  • Ability to create customized plugins with User Interface for Seismic Attributes.

The training participants are assumed to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Good knowledge in Object Oriented software design, preferably C++
  • Knowledge about seismic interpretation or processing nomenclature
  • Familiarity with OpendTect
  • Good knowledge in Unix command line handling
  • Experience of debugging in gdb.

Bringing your own data and laptop is encouraged, but notify us in advance.


The cost of the Plugin Developer Training is $1000. For OpendTect users with an Academic license, a 50% discount is applied.

Seismic attribute workshop

This 3-day workshop guides the participants through the use of seismic attributes for geological interpretation. A holistic approach is taken, with each step, attribute, or filter explained in the context of the final objective of increasing the geological understanding from the seismic data. Presentations are alternated with hands-on exercises in OpendTect using OpendTect and several Plugins to provide a practical implementation of the concepts. The course is given on request only.

Details Attribute Workshop

The 3-day attribute workshop does not require any prior knowledge of seismic attributes, or OpendTect. The workshop will focus on the concepts and practical applications more than in-depth theoretical derivations. Ample consideration will be give to high level considerations, such as: which attribute should I choose, how to I test the parameterization of an attribute, and how particular steps fit in the overall workflow? Four subject areas will be addressed:

  • Single attribute techniques: attributes for fault imaging, hydrocarbon detection and other geological objectives
  • Multi-attribute techniques: single attributes can be recombined using techniques such as mathematical recombination, cross-plotting and neural networks to create more geologically meaningful responses
  • Filters: data conditioning filters applied to the seismic data as well as image enhancement filters applied to attribute volumes can significantly improve results
  • Visualization: visually representing the data such that all significant information contained in the seismic attribute is represented in an unbiased manner in the attribute image or map and can readily be recognized by the interpreter.

Bringing your own data and laptop is encouraged, but notify us in advance.


The cost of the 3-day Attribute Workshop is $2500. For OpendTect users with an Academic license, a 50% discount is applied.